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Solution: RSO - Refrigerant Service Optimization

HVAC Refrigerant Services are tailored to each facility. Often, oil has leaked from the compressor and needs to be removed. Refrigerant oil adheres to the interior inner wall of the evaporator and condenser coils. This oil creates inefficiencies and acts as an unseen insulator on your refrigeration heat exchange surfaces. 

Oil in your refrigeration equipment:

  • Reduces Energy Efficiency

  • Reduces System Lifetime

  • Increases Maintenance Costs


With RSO, your refrigeration system can increase thermo-conductivity of refrigerant by up to 25% and increase the efficiency of oils, metals, and the flow of refrigerant. The RSO process includes changing the dryer filter and rebalancing the refrigerant. It is effective on all refrigeration systems including cold storage, ice production, and HVAC systems, but is primarily used on R-22 and R-410 equipment. 


Applied exclusively by experienced HVAC Armor Certified Professional Applicators. HVAC Armor RSO is an affordable green initiative that increases refrigeration efficiency.

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